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Here you can find text adventure games you can play from a web browser. Challenging puzzle games that only use text on the screen to describe what is going on. No flashy graphics, no sound, no joysticks or mice. Just the words and the keyboard. These games are intended for people who either can't play graphics based games, or are tired of twitchy games based on reflexes instead of thinking through puzzles and situations.



This is a short game that teaches you how to play the games on this site. If you have never played text adventures before, this is a good place to start. You will learn how to move around in the games, how to interact with things you find, and what to expect in the games.

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You have just started a new job at the university, and your first task will be to help decipher a message that was intercepted. But your new boss can't be found, the media are starting to show up and ask questions, and you only have half the answers. Can you decipher the message that could change the world?

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The Station has been damaged and the crew are not to be found. What is a simple droid like yourself supposed to do?

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